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The role of the ACT Legislative Assembly Library is to identify and meet the information needs of Members and staff of the Legislative Assembly for the ACT and staff of the ACT Public Service.


Prior to self-government in 1989, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was managed by the Federal Minister and Commonwealth departments responsible for Territories. The ACT Legislative Assembly Library traces its origin to the library/libraries embedded within these departments. In 1967 several departmental libraries merged to form the library we are a continuation of today.
Following the passing of the Australian Capital Territory (Self-government) Act 1988 along with other related legislation setting up self-government for the Australian Capital Territory, the first ACT Legislative Assembly was elected and had its first meeting in May 1989.

The Library, then managed by the Chief Minister’s Department, took on the name of The ACT Government and Assembly Library. The Library was, in essence, two libraries with a shared collection; the Government Library providing reference and information services to the ACT Public Service and the Assembly Library providing reference and information services to the Legislative Assembly. In 1994, the Assembly together with the Library relocated to the Legislative Assembly Building.

In 1995, management of the Library was transferred to the ACT Department of Urban Services and the Library joined the ACT Library and Information Services (ACTLIS).
After the 2008 ACT Elections, an ACT Labor minority government was formed with support from the ACT Greens in exchange for several commitments and reforms to Legislative Assembly procedures outlined in a Parliamentary Agreement between the two parties.

Section 4.1 of this Agreement states:

“Ensure that resources for the Assembly Secretariat and the Assembly Library to facilitate assistance for Members are improved, and the Assembly Library to become part of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat, with its transfer to occur within six months of the first sitting of the Assembly.”

On 1 July 2009, the Legislative Assembly Secretariat assumed control of the Library which changed its name to ACT Legislative Assembly Library. The Library serves the information needs of the 25 Members of the Legislative Assembly, their staff and the staff of the Office of the Legislative Assembly, as well providing reference and research support to the staff of the ACT Public Service.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8.30 am – 5.00pm


Address: Level 1 North Building, 180 London Circuit CANBERRA 2600
Reference Desk: (02) 6205 0397

Assembly Librarian

Ms Jennifer Carmody
ACT Legislative Assembly Library
GPO Box 1020
Canberra, ACT 2601