Twinning Program

The Association of Parliamentary Libraries of Australasia (APLA) decided at their Annual General Meeting in July 2008 that Australian member libraries would support libraries of the Parliaments in the Pacific nations. The CPA already has established links between the Australian state Parliaments and Pacific Parliaments and their parliamentary libraries and APLA members will maintain the same relationships. APLA has as one of its strategic goals to ‘support Pacific parliamentary libraries’.

The current twinning arrangements are:

  • ACT with Kiribati
  • NSW with Bougainville and Solomon Islands
  • NT with Niue
  • Qld with Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu
  • SA with Tonga
  • Victoria with Fiji, Nauru and Tuvalu
  • Tasmania with Samoa
  • WA with Cook Islands

Information about APLA’s twinning program with the libraries of Pacific Parliaments.

The twinning relationships ideally should provide a platform for facilitating support, information, technical assistance, exchanges and if requested, training on an ongoing basis for developing and maintaining parliamentary libraries in the region. Personal relationships between key contacts can be developed which are often the most helpful.

Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships

The Pacific Parliamentary Partnerships network brings together parliaments and supporters of parliamentary democracy across the Pacific region.

A list of core reference resources, compiled by APLA in consultation with parliamentary libraries of the Pacific as part of the Pacific Twinning Program. The list provides a guide for parliamentary libraries to develop a reference collection for their jurisdiction.